Home Maintenance / Care / Inspection Tips

Houston Jacob Home Inspection is happy to provide you with this Home Maintenance Checklist.

Monthly Inspection:

  • Clean and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Replace or clean filters in heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Clear vegetation and clean debris from outdoor cooling/heating pumps.
  • Check and replace filters on water filtration and conditioning systems.
  • Clean dust from refrigerator condenser.
  • Clean out debris from faucet aerators; fix leaky faucets and replace washery.
  • During the heating season, clean chimney or stovepipe to remove creosote buildup.

Spring Inspection:

  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Vacuum clothes dryer exhaust hose and duct.  Check washer hoses and fittings.
  • Clean drains in dishwasher, sink, bathtubs, and shower stalls; repair leaks.
  • Drain and flush sediment from the water heater; inspect/replace anode rod.
  • Clean and secure gutters and downspouts; repair any leaks.
  • Check roof for any loose, missing, or damaged shingles.
  • Inspect the attic, ceilings, and roof overhang for water damage.
  • Inspect foundation and basement for cracks, settlement, and water penetration.

Summer Inspection:

  • Re-caulk around bathtubs, showers, and sinks.
  • Check toilets for leaks; repair/replace valves and seals.
  • Repair/replace loose or cracked tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Drain and flush sediment from water heater; inspect/replace anode rod.
  1. Cut back trees and shrubs from the house walls, roof and air conditioning system as needed.

  2. Check for damaged roofing and flashing materials twice a year.

  3. Clean the gutters in the spring and fall.

  4. Clean the tracks on horizontal sliding windows annually, and ensure the drain holes are clear.

  5. Each month, test ground fault circuit interrupters using the test button.

  6. Check the bathtub and shower caulking monthly.

  7. Install and re-secure door stops as needed.

  8. Check attics for evidence of leaks and condensation and make sure vents are not obstructed.


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