The Houston Jacob Home Inspection Difference

All home inspectors are required to inspect the major systems of the home. Jacob Home Inspection Consulting goes far beyond the minimum standard of the Texas Home Inspector licensing statute. We take a holistic approach, combining our extensive construction expertise with state-of-the-art technology to provide a precise evaluation of how the house functions as a system.  We are well versed in the expanding field of ‘Building Science’ and consistently receive updates on trends and industry findings.

We will tell you:

  • how defects affect the property as a whole in terms of structural integrity, health & safety, and environmental friendliness
  • improvements for optimal energy performance
  • the level of personal comfort you can expect in cold or hot months
  • how defects in HVAC, ventilation and building shell can negatively affect your family’s health
  • and much more

Worried about submitting an offer on a home before knowing any of the details on its condition? We offer preliminary home inspections, the cost of which is subtracted from the full home inspection should you choose to proceed with that property.

Our Houston Home Inspection Process

At Houston Jacob Home Inspection, we basically inspect everything from the top down: roof, exterior, attic, foundation, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and appliances. Unlike many other home inspectors, we also inspect the roof, exterior and common areas for our condominium clients so that they are aware of any potential repair costs that may impact them in the near future.

What we’re looking for is a wide range of problems that could affect the structural integrity of the property and/or your health, safety, and comfort, including:

  • Moisture intrusion
  • Indoor air quality
  • Mold
  • Combustion safety
  • Defects in the building shell
  • Plumbing issues
  • Faulty electrical installations, retrofits, and wiring
  • and more…

State-of-the-Art Inspection Technology

We don’t just show up with a clipboard, flashlight and pencil; Houston Jacob Home Inspection inspector cutting-edge technology and tools in our home inspections, including:

  • Thermal/infrared imaging which detects extremely small temperature differentials between materials indicating hidden moisture, missing insulation, thermal bypasses/large energy leaks, etc.
  • Capacitance and conductance moisture meters that detect hidden moisture and water intrusion that the seller may not have disclosed
  • A combustible gas leak detectors

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